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Rolled leather poodle collar (quick release) {1}
Rolled leather poodle collar (quick release) {1}

Rolled leather poodle collar (quick release)

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Rolled leather poodle collar (quick release)

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Quick-release version of the rolled leather poodle collars. Quick-release
buckles are easier to take on and off than traditional buckles and can be a
good choice for people who have arthritis and similar conditions.
Quick-releases are not as reliable as a traditional buckle, but can work well
for people who use a lead that doesn't attach to the collar. A quick-release is
not the same as a breakaway fastening and should always be removed when your
dog can't be supervised.

PLEASE READ SIZING. I'm happy to refund or exchange collars that don't fit as
long as they are returned unworn, but measuring carefully will save time and
carbon footprint! :-):
Measure your dog's neck in inches and select the size according to this.
Please do not try to measure existing collars, and please do not add anything
to your dog's neck measurement, as the sizes are designed with 'finger room'
taken into account. Quick-release collars have to be sized exactly and are not
adjustable, and should only be worn by fully-grown dogs.

Sunflower, yellow with black
Marigold, yellow with orange
Iris, dark blue with yellow
Nightshade, dark blue with lilac
Fuchsia, pink with white
Echinacea, pink with burgundy
Woodsorrel, green with purple
Cactus, green with orange
Magnolia, ivory with pink (recommended for dogs with light coats)
Amelanchier, ivory with burgundy (recommended for dogs with light coats)
Forget-me-not, royal blue with yellow
Cornflower, royal blue with white
Delphinium, royal blue with purple
Violet, bright purple with light green
Hydrangea, turquoise with pink
Ebony, black, write choice of stitching colour as a comment, otherwise black
Poppy, red with black stitching (this is only available as a custom order --
see notes below for why)

Please examine collars regularly and do not use any collar that is damaged or
showing signs of abnormal wear. Collars should ALWAYS be removed when not
needed for your dog's safety as well as to avoid wear and tear on the collar
and the dog's coat from scratching. Collars can be polished once a month or so
using white saddle soap or other suitable uncoloured leather cleaner to keep
them clean and looking their best. Vegetable tanned leather can stretch
slightly if it becomes saturated with water, so if your dog is going swimming
it should probably wear a different collar for this activity. If the collar
does get very wet, avoid attaching a lead if possible, and remove the collar as
soon as it is safe to do so. If it is wet with dirty/salty water or misshapen,
rinse thoroughly with clean water and squeeze back into shape and leave to dry
completely before putting it back on. When grooming your dog, remove the collar
before applying detangling spray or any other grooming product, and allow the
dog's coat to dry before putting the collar back on. Please do be aware that
leather is a natural product and there can be small marks and imperfections and
slight variations in colour -- many people feel this gives leather items their
own character, and is simply evidence that the hide's previous owner lived a
full and active life. :-)

Most of the items I make are recyclable/biodegradable. When your collar
reaches the end of its useful life, remove the brass hardware and the polyester
rope core, which can both be recycled. The collar can then be returned to the
earth by putting it in the compost bin. Items are posted in recycled cardboard
packaging. Please recycle or reuse this.

Some people with light-coated dogs have found the 'Poppy' collar can stain the
dog's coat if it gets damp. I have informed the tannery of this, but for this
reason I only recommend buying this colour if you have a dark-coloured dog. The
other colours so far as I'm aware don't do this, but if you have a
light-coloured poodle and it's crucial that this not happen, for example if you
are showing your dog, the ivory leather is undyed and it's probably best to use
this colour. Because of this 'Poppy' is only available as a custom request
rather than a selectable option, as unfortunately Etsy seem to keep changing
how the page displays and it can be quite difficult to read the full
description, so that people don't accidentally order it without reading this
note (please include a note on your order if you want this colour saying you've
read this and understand).

Please be aware as above that if leather items are consistently getting wet it
can cause the leather to deteriorate. These collars are not designed for
swimming in or for dogs who live outdoors. If a properly-cared-for collar
develops a workmanship fault during the lifetime of your dog, I will do my best
to repair it for no charge (buyer pays postage costs).
Brand: BrockoDale
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