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Large Reptile Rockscape Cave {1}
Large Reptile Rockscape Cave {2}
Large Reptile Rockscape Cave {1}
Large Reptile Rockscape Cave {2}

Large Reptile Rockscape Cave

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Large Reptile Rockscape Cave

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One glance in your local pet shop and you’ll see just how boring some of their
pet accessories are. Most are plastic, unnatural, and looking like every other
one for sale. Make your pet’s home as fabulous as they are with a Simply
Sunshined creation!

Made mainly from styrofoam and grout, our “rocks” are much lighter than real
rocks. Don’t be fooled by their weight though, they’re super sturdy. One of a
kind, they have a realistic look and feel. We have smooth textures perfect for
snakes or sticky footed pets. We also have rocks with a sandy finish that are
best loved by your shedding pets. They’re available in a variety of colors,
sizes, and shapes. All of our rockscapes are finished with a non toxic top
coat. They’re easy to wipe down with warm water and dish soap.

Grandma’s old buttons were too cute, we needed to find a use for them. Simply
Sunshined bird swings are sure to brighten up your bird cage. Besides buttons
we have swings with beads or blocks too. Some perches even have apple wood caps
that can safely be nibbled on.

Apple wood sticks make up a fun assortment of bridges and ladders perfect for
little critters. All are finished with a non toxic top coat. Some have New
Zealand or Galapagos sphagnum moss that can be lightly misted with water to
help maintain humidity.

Made with the same New Zealand or Galapagos sphagnum moss, our moss ball hides
are super fun! Add a string to hang it from your terrarium top, a suction cup
to stick it to a glass side, or simply lay it on the substrate. Pair it with
one of our ladders for a really cute hideaway. Many of our hides have silly
faces with securely fastened eyeballs. They are certainly going to add some
character to your terrarium.

New for Simply Sunshined is our collection of 24” x 48” critter cage liners.
Each comes in 3 layers with an absorbent center piece. Super comfy fleece makes
up the top and bottom layers. Some have fun little pouches for your pet to play
or hide in. With average use, we recommend you wash our liners once a week with
a scent and dye free laundry detergent.

From desert animals to woodland critters, Simply Sunshined has lots to offer
your pets!

Specific Product Information:
(weight and dimensions are approximate)

Weight: 3 lbs
Dimensions: 10.5" x 7" x 5"
Texture: smooth
Color: beige
Brand: SimplySunshined
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